Software Supplier Discovery

Knowledge of every vendor that supplies you with software

Screenshot of a file with a certificate mismatch from the FACT Portal

Identify Blacklisted Vendors

When regulatory initiatives or internal mandates disallow the use of technology from specific vendors, it can be a challenge to determine if your company even uses their software.

Forbidden code can be buried deep within components in products and equipment, requiring immense effort to investigate. FACT can streamline the process, allowing you to:

  • Respond to corporate policies governing country of origin concerns

  • Identify blacklisted vendors that are supplying 3rd-party or 4th-party components

  • Determine which products and product lines are using a specific vendor's components

Ask us how to uncover hidden suppliers in your supply chain.

Monitor Vendor Reputations

Whether you are an asset owner or a vendor, it is important to know that your suppliers consistently deliver secure software.

When they don't, you need intelligence to properly assess their track record. FACT can help you:

  • See when trust scores on software or components from a specific supplier fall below your organization’s policy threshold

  • Prioritize which vendors need additional management attention

  • Make informed purchasing decisions based on the trustworthiness of a vendor's software