Software Supply Chain Security for Security Managers

Are you responsible for your company’s assets and production?

Secure Corporate Assets to Maintain Production
Capacity and Safety

For security professionals who are responsible for their company’s assets and production, the aDolus FACT platform continuously monitors files and automates software validation and vulnerability management to protect your operating environment and prevent downtime.

Ensure software is legitimate, free of vulnerabilities, and it won’t introduce risk to your operations

Avoid financial and reputational damage caused by production downtime

Search for high-risk components across your entire facility (with vulnerabilities like Log4j)

Generate SBOMs when your suppliers can’t or won’t provide them (even for legacy devices)

Satisfy regulatory requirements for software supply chain security

Enhance existing workflows and MoC processes to include supply chain cybersecurity

Illustration of a security manager

Respond to Cybersecurity Incidents Quickly

With FACT, you gain continuous visibility across your entire software supply chain so you can quickly pinpoint risky components that threaten your operations. If a high-profile vulnerability is announced, you can search for it across all your IT, OT, and IoT products and begin immediate remediation. FACT provides easy-to-use risk scores that help you evaluate components, products, and suppliers on an ongoing basis.

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