Operational Insights

Improve operations with continuous monitoring

Prioritize Asset Replacements

Having better software supply chain visibility helps prioritize OT asset replacement by providing you with a clearer understanding of your software environment. Identify high-risk assets and make informed decisions about when and how to replace them.

FACT allows you to:

Identify assets with components that are plagued with vulnerabilities

Determine which assets have components that are nearing end-of-life or are no longer supported

Avoid run-to-fail scenarios with assets that harbor undue risk

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Improve Product Quality

Products are only as secure as their weakest component. If your development teams are embedding code of unknown provenance (either open-source or commercial), you may be compromising the quality of your product. Lack of transparency into the quality of the components you use can also complicate maintenance and lead to higher costs.

FACT allows you to:

Perform software validation on all the software you embed, as well as on your own packages

Decrease the total cost of ownership of your products, making you more competitive

Provide evidence-based attestation of the quality of your product right down to the component level

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Enable Secure Digital Transformation

As digital technology is integrated into more and more critical systems, and IT and OT continue to converge, the attack surface for cyber attacks increases. Using technology to automate and optimize business processes and increase efficiency is a competitive reality — but along with it comes the need for visibility and cybersecurity precautions. Whether you're pursuing Industry 4.0 or an internal initiative, it’s important to keep your operations secure as you add assets and transform your organization.

FACT allows you to:

Add or retrofit new technology to your enterprise with full awareness of vulnerabilities and other risks

Continuously monitor both your IT and OT assets through a single pane of glass

Drive growth, competitiveness, and innovation while minimizing cyber risk

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