Software Supply Chain Security for Engineering Managers

Do you deliver turn-key solutions containing multiple 3rd-party components?

Deliver Secure Solutions Without Costly Rework

Engineering managers providing system integration need to deliver secure solutions right out of the gate to protect contracts and avoid expensive rework. They also need to protect their customers from risks embedded in the various software products included in their delivered solutions. The aDolus FACT platform provides an automated SBOM and vulnerability management solution that enables first-run delivery of secure solutions to meet customer requirements.

Gain visibility into 3rd-party components across all technologies in your solution

Rapidly search for components of concern prior to acceptance testing

Validate your delivered solutions are tamper-free and secure

Avoid inheriting vendor risk and passing it on to customers

Automate SBOM generation to satisfy customer demands

Efficiently share vulnerability information with your customers via VEX documents

Illustration of an engineering manager

Satisfy Customer Requirements for Attestation

Your customers rely on you to provide them with secure and reliable solutions that meet industry standards and regulations. FACT can help you streamline project workflows, automate vulnerability assessments and threat detection, and provide real-time visibility and control over your customers' security posture.

With FACT, you can ensure your products are secure and compliant while saving time, resources, and costs. FACT helps you build stronger customer relationships and position yourself as a trusted security-forward company.

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