Software Supply Chain Security for Product Managers

Do you ship software containing open source and 3rd-party components?

Secure your SDLC with Continuous Monitoring

For product managers who need to ship secure software with embedded open source and 3rd-party components, the aDolus FACT platform provides supply chain security and much needed transparency. FACT automates SBOM generation and provides actionable vulnerability information so you can ship secure products that meet customer and regulatory requirements — on time, on budget, and with existing resources.

Get continuous visibility into 3rd-party components across your entire software inventory

Automate SBOM generation in NTIA-compliant formats

Rapidly search for components of concern (such as high-risk vulnerabilities like Log4j)

Satisfy customer and regulatory requirements for attestation

Share vulnerability information with customers via VEX documents

Seamlessly integrate with existing tools and workflows

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Reduce 3rd-Party Risk and Improve Product Quality

With FACT, you can streamline your product release process, automate vulnerability assessment and threat detection, and ensure compliance. FACT seamlessly integrates with your existing tools and workflows, providing real-time visibility over your systems and enabling better outcomes for your business and customers centered around security, compliance, and operational efficiency.

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