Software Supply Chain Security for Procurement Professionals

Do you purchase products that include 3rd-party software?

Include Cybersecurity Risk in Purchasing Decisions and Policies

For procurement professionals responsible for purchasing products with 3rd-party software, the aDolus FACT platform provides you with attestation that software is free from vulnerabilities and other risks before you sign a PO.

Get visibility into 3rd-party components embedded in IT, OT and IoT software

Predict or track ongoing cybersecurity costs as products age and vulnerabilities surface

Detect blacklisted component vendors and address country-of-origin concerns

Ensure full transparency while reviewing RFP/RFQ processes

Access SBOMs even when your suppliers can’t or won’t provide them to reveal potential risks

Centralize product and vendor security risk information in a single platform

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Improve Security and Visibility Without Requiring Additional Resources

FACT helps ensure that IT, OT, and IoT purchases, either for deployment or for inclusion in your own product builds, are informed by price, quality, and total cost of ownership. FACT sheds light on the effort necessary to manage vulnerabilities over a product’s lifecycle and reveals when vendors are sluggish with patches and updates.

FACT includes support for desktop, embedded, and legacy products and provides a single pane of glass to centralize product security information. It offers continuous vulnerability management throughout a product’s lifecycle and monitoring of risky 3rd-party components

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